Patricia J. Hammer, Ph.D
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CSW's Director: 

Dr. Patricia Hammer is an Applied Medical Anthropologist with 20 years of work and research experience in Peru and Bolivia primarily among highland Quechua-speaking communities. She is an expert is the development of innovative community participatory investigation methodologies applied to elicit and analyze data often difficult to obtain, such as women's healing knowledge and practices, and Andean traditional medicine therapies.

Working with Ministries of Health and Education in Peru and Bolivia she has developed culturally relevant health curriculum for children, adolescents and adults, among Spanish, Quechua and Aymara speaking populations. The educational instruments and her research strategies incorporate techniques in emancipatory inquiry that successfully influence health behavior and decision-making through consciousness-raising that motivates community actions to respond to recognized needs. Her long term experience with rural and periurban marginalized populations is centered on the formation of adult and youth leaders, midwives, and community level committees that articulate with government and civic entities. She has trained multidisciplinary teams (in government as well as non-government institutions) in the application of appropriate participatory approaches to achieve education, research and community objectives. She performs qualitative data analyses that provide recommendations for the creation of health, education and environmental policies in Latin America.


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