16 years offering our training programs in interdisciplinary qualitative field methods.
Training Students and Professionals in Field Research Methods.
Participatory Action Research and Andean Ethnography.

Our Specialities

Field School

Action Research in the Andes

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Language School

Quechua Language Intensive Seminar

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La Casa de Pocha

Beautiful house in the country, Cahuaz-Perú

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The Center for Social Well Being´s programs are carried out at "La Casa de Pocha" a highland ranch that practices organic farming to provide healthy meals, and is powered by alternative energy for solar cooking, electricity and plenty of hot water. The mountain lodge is fully equipped with workshop space, lecture rooms, library, as well as exercise studio, sauna and swimming pool on 12 acres of farmland, bordered by the rushing glacial river Tsuktsun in the heart of the Cordillera Blanca. The rural field site is located 1.5 kms. from the nearest town, the provincial capital of Carhuaz, where international communications (phone, internet, fax) are available.

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or contact: lacasadepocha@yahoo.com for more information.