Research 2010

Society for Applied Anthropology ( “Vulnerabilities and Exclusion in Globalization”
Mérida, México 70th Annual Meeting, March 24-27 2010

Invulnerabilidad y desglobalización:
Cultural resilience in health, agriculture, religion, fiestas and development in the Andes

An important finding in exploring responses to “globalization” among “vulnerable” societies is the strength of cultural continuity and resurgence of ancestral practices in the face of imposed models of “first world” progress. This collection of presentations provide Andean examples of how transnational interventions provoke actions that reinforce Quechua regional identity based on a shared cosmovisión of the inseparability of humans with their environment. Such responses contest neoliberal exigencies of the commoditization of natural resources, agroindustrialization, technocolonialization of thought through media and education, etc. Participants will interpret their exploratory field experiences with rural Quechua community members in attempts to understand and analyze alternative conceptualizations of life and society in the contemporary Andes. Key words: cultural continuity, field work, the Andes 

Session organizers 

Patricia J. Hammer (Center for Social Well Being)
Flor de María Barreto Tosi (Center for Social Well Being)
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Research 2013

Society for Applied Anthropology  
73rd Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado March 19th – 23rd 2013
Conference theme: Natural Resource Distribution and Development in the 21st Century

Session Organizer:
Patricia Jean Hammer
Center for Social Well Being
The Inseparability of Natural and Social Resources in the Andes:
From Field Experience to Cognitive Epiphany
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