Andean Health and Healing

Victor Reyna Pinedo

Victor Reyna Pinedo,
Organic Chemist and Natural Medicine Researcher

Education: Doctorate in Organic Chemistry, University of Paris , Institut Chimie des Substances Naturelles de Gif-Sur-Yvette, Francia.
Professional position: Head Professor, Department of Sciences, Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Lima , Peru . vreyna@uni.edu.pe

Isabel Lapeña,
Environmental Lawyer

Education: Isabel Lapeña holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and has a law degree from the Universidad Complutense , Madrid , España.
Professional position: Senior Lawyer, Biodiversity Program at the Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental (SPDA), Lima . Isabel Lapeña's work focuses on the development of policy and norms for biosafety, conservation, sustainable agrobiodiversity, access to genetic resources and the protection of traditional knowledge in Peru . ilapena@spda.org.pe

Christian Noriega

Christian Noriega,
Environmental Educator

Education: Social Communication with specialization in Environmental Education.
Professional experience: Christian conducts environmental workshops for rural children and adults, organizes and implements ecological events and conferences in Andean rural areas. He was the environmental coordinator of the Municipality of Huari , in Ancash in 2008, and is currently the environmental coordinator of the civic association Nuna Ayni. Christian's interests include clean technologies, permaculture, community-based organization towards change, local knowledge, and sustainable development.

Francisco Egipcio Chauca Enrique

Francisco Egipcio Chauca Enrique,
Natural Medicine Specialist and Trained Midwife

Education: Midwife training (1971), Regional Hospital of Huaraz, Min. of Health. BA in Traditional Medicine (2004) UNASAM (National University of Ancash), Dept. of Medical Sciences.
Positions: Practicing midwife and expert herbalist with private clinic for both in-patient and out-patient treatment.

Aurelio Cadillo Flores,

Education: Trained community health promoter; locally acquired knowledge and practice of herbal remedies in the rural District of Shilla.

Alejandra Reynoso

Alejandra Reynoso,
Social Worker

Education: MA in Project Design UNASAM (National University of Ancash), Dept. of Medical Sciences. BA in Social Work, University of Huamanga, Ayacucho.
Professional position: Coordinator of Social Health Programs, Marcará Health Center, Ministry of Health, Huaraz, Ancash.

Nilda Gonzalez

Nilda Gonzalez,

Education: Certified Nurse, School of Nursing, UNASAM (National University of Ancash), Dept. of Medical Sciences.
Professional position: Support nurse for Social Health Programs, Marcará Health Center, Ministry of Health, Huaraz, Ancash.



Anthropology Field Methods

Gabriela Valenzuela Bejerano

Gabriela Valenzuela Bejerano,
Visual Anthropologist and Photographer

Education: BA Social Communication; MA Anthropology Pont. Univ.Católica del Perú.
Research: Photographic field methods, cultural identity and social transformation. Gabriela interests include examining the role of the photographic image as a fundamental aspect of anthropology field work; she guides students to reflect, analyze and reconsider the photographic process and objective in the research endeavor.

Irma Alicia Gomez,

Education: BA in Cultural Anthropology, Universidad Nacional de Antioquía, Colombia.
Research: Life History investigations with Peruvian handicraft artists to support Fair Trade efforts nationally and internationally.
Thesis research: The World of Fishing among the Wayuú Culture in the Guajira Penninsula of Colombia.

Chaska Velarde

Chaska Velarde,

Education: BA in Anthropology, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos; MA in Anthropology, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.
Research: Specialist in the development of participatory investigation methods applied among rural and periurban populations in Peru, with particular emphasis on issues of gender, sexual and reproductive health, and the reduction of poverty.

isabella chan

Isabella Chan,
Applied Medical Anthropologist

Education:BA in Anthropology, Georgia State University; MA/MPH Candidate in Applied Anthropology and Global Health Practice at the University of South Florida.
Research: The political economy of health, women’s decision-making, pregnancy and birth practices and experiences, social justice, and participatory research methods.
MA Thesis Research: The political economy of maternal health in a medically pluralistic environment: a case study in the Callejón de Huaylas.



Regional Archaeology

Steve Wegner

Steve Wegner,

Education: MA in Anthropology, concentration in Andean Archaeology, University of California at Berkeley.
Professional Positions: Director of the cultural institute, Ancashwain, Huaraz, Ancash; Consultant, Huaraz Museum of Archaeology, Instituto Nacional de Cultura.




Edinson Márquez Trejo

Edinson Márquez Trejo,
Spanish Language Instructor

Professor Edinson Márquez lived in a Quechua speaking village in the Andean countryside until the age of 9, when he went on to secondary and university studies in Huaraz, Ancash. Education: B.A. in Spanish and Literature; Minor degree in Agriculture; Licentiate in Education. Professional Positions: Spanish Professor at the Sierra Verde Spanish School in Huaraz, and English Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages, UNASAM (National University of Ancash).


Fernando de Luque

Fernando de Luque,
Spanish Language Instructor

Professor Fernando de Luque was born in Lima, where he originally developed his interest and lifelong dedication to the study and teaching of both Spanish and English languages. Professional positions: English Professor, Universidad Los Angeles de Chimbote, Huaraz, Ancash. He also teaches private language classes at his home in Marcará, Carhuaz.


Inés Yanac

Inés Yanac,
Spanish Language Instructor

Professor Inés Yanac is a native of the Callejón de Huaylas, born in the Quechua speaking village of Olleros . She holds a degree in Spanish Language from the national university in Huaraz, where she currently teaches.

Irene Zuñiga

Irene Zuñiga,
Spanish Language Instructor

Professor Irene is from the Province of Recuay . She holds university degrees in Education and Communication from the national university, UNASAM in Huaraz. Currently, she teaches English at several vocational institutes in Huaraz.


Alicia Rocha Revilla

Alicia Rocha Revilla,
Spanish Language Instructor

Alicia was born and educated in Lima. Upon completion of her college degree in primary school language education, she spent several years teaching Spanish in Great Britain. Currently, she teaches theatre and language at the Cambridge school in Villa, Lima. She is also an animal rights activist, dedicated to the well being of abandoned street dogs.


Solio Requena Mena

Solio Requena Mena,
Quechua Grammar Instructor.

Born in the rural community, Tapacocha, Recuay, Professor Requena is Director of the Quechua institute, Hatun Huaylas, based in Huaraz.

Cesar Vargas

Cesar Vargas,
Quechua Song, Musicand Dance Instructor.

Born in the neighboring valley of Conchucos, Professor Vargas is a school teacher affiliated with the Quechua institute, Hatun Huaylas.


Martín Víctor León Huarac

Martín Víctor León Huarac,
Quechua Grammar Instructor.

Professor Martín was born in the nearby hamlet of Yanaqutu, Pariacaca. He is a school teacher specialized in History and Geography, and member of the Regional Academy of Quechua of the Department of Ancash. He creates the content and conducts the Quechua radio program, “Qichwa Rimay.”


Humberto Avelino León Huarac

Humberto Avelino León Huarac,
Quechua Song and Music Instructor.

Professor Humberto (like his brother, Martín, above) was born in the nearby hamlet of Yanaqutu, Pariacaca. He is a primary school music teacher, and member of the Regional Academy of Quechua of the Department of Ancash. He develops the musical content for the local radio program, “Qichwa Rimay.”


Yovana Azucena Salazar Rosales

Yovana Azucena Salazar Rosales,
Quechua Dance Instructor.

Professor Yovana was born in Bellavista, Huaraz. She is a school teacher specialized in regional dance traditions, and a member of the folk dance troupe “José María Arguedas” based in Huaraz, Ancash.


Vilma Orellana Mallqui

Vilma Orellana Mallqui,
Quechua Grammar and Conversation Instructor.

Professor Vilma was born in the rural Province of Recuay. She is a primary school teacher and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Education. As a member of the Regional Academy of Quechua of the Department of Ancash, she organizes and participates in Quechua folk dance and song events throughout the valley.